Wow Space is a distributor of the DUO range of world-class Modular Exhibition System


■ Reconfigurable and re-useable
■  Reduce the cost of exhibiting
■  Purchase or hire options
■  Large range of accessories

Modular exhibition stand designed by Wow Space.
Modular exhibition stand design Cline-Clarins
Molnlycke modular exhibition stand
Dalim modular exhibition stand
Innocent Smoothie modular exhibition stand
Suzuki modular exhibition stand

Irrespective of the size or configuration of the space you have booked at exhibition, pop up exhibition stands or systems can be reconfigured to suit all eventualities. Your brand message and graphics are totally interchangeable so they can reflect any changes you wish from show to show.

We design Modular Reusable Exhibition stands – time and time again – they are lightweight, easy to store, transport and install making them not only cost effective but environmentally friendly.

Duo Panoramic modular exhibition stands UK

Wow Space is a UK distribution partner for the DUO Panoramic H-Line exhibition stand packagesp anoramic h-line has all the features and benefits of a world class modular display system combined with a global support and distribution network – wherever you need to exhibit in the world we can take you there with panoramic h-line.

Seismo Factory modular exhibition stand
Seismo Factory modular exhibition stand inside
Rossignol modular exhibition stand
Hline-elite expo modular exhibition stand design


Our modular exhibition system are available on a hire or purchase basis

Depending on your exhibition programme and budget, hiring is the more flexible and cost effective solution if you are attending just one or two shows per year – we have off the shelf packages which will cater for the majority of requirements and with our free design service we can make sure that the graphics that go with your modular exhibition stand look fresh and totally on message brand wise.

If your exhibition programme is more extensive then it may be worth considering investing in your own modular exhibition kit. We will store and manage your stand equipment in between events and if you wish to complement your stand with additional features such as TV’s, lightboxes, shelving and literature stands, these are available from our extensive stock.

Whether you select a hire or purchase option our exhibition service is end to end – design, graphic production, installation, removal and storage.


The panoramic h-line concept is as easy as 1-2-3!

Panoramic h-line is a solution that is easy to design and set up/dismantle. No technical expertise is required. Setup does not require any tools.

Your stand is delivered in a transport crate containing pre-assembled modules. The graphics stay attached to the frame, and the panels connect together with a very easy-to-use connector.

Three standard panel sizes are available: 24cm, 48cm and 96cm. The panel weights do not exceed 8,5kgs.

Duo Panoramic h-line standard panel data-lazy-sizes

All of the modules connect together with the h-line connector.

Duo Panoramic h-line panel connector sequence

Once the panels are connected, no profiles are visible and your image is completely seamless!

Duo Panoramic modular exhibition stands seamless join

Large range of accessories: Shelving, lighting, counters, lockable doors, lightboxes, hanging banners.

Duo panoramic modular exhibition stand configurations

100% modular: 12 modules, 1 transport crate, 4 trade shows, 4 configurations, 4 show locations

Duo Panoramic modular exhibition stand quantities

Intelligent and simple

The panels are delivered assembled in a transport crate with the graphics attached.

No technical expertise is required: you can set up your stand by yourself, quickly, in complete serenity and without any tools.

Connecting two panels together takes less than 2 minutes, and so setting up a 18 square meters stand takes less than one hour.

We can also provide you with setup assistance through our network of expert assemblers, available in several cities and countries.

Duo Panoramic exhibition stand frames in case


See the Duo Panoramic range on our downloads page.


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