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Occulus Rift virtual reality audio visual and interactive services - Wow Space
Facial recognition exhibition stand design - audio visual and interactive services - Wow Space

Audio Visual and Interactive services

LED TV Screens

We supply and fit a wide range of sizes and specs to suit your needs


Integration into the stand architecture or standalone

Seamless Video walls

Many different combinations of screens are possible

LED Video walls

We integrate these into the stand architecture or as part of a suspended structure and in curved or flat formats.

Virtual reality theatres

Fully interactive theatre design and installation, including Oculus Rift 1 & 2, HTC Hive, Microsoft Hololens, Samsung Gear.

Exhibition audio visual display screens - audio visual and interactive services - Wow Space
Wow Space exhibition audio visual and interactive services

It’s a good idea to incorporate at least one digital screen in your exhibition stand design because the content you display on them can be so easily changed. Every time you exhibit, the message you want to communicate may be different; perhaps you have a new product to promote or a special offer for that particular audience. A digital screen such as an LED wall allows you to make those changes without investing in a new set of graphics.

Digital screens with moving images, or with a motion sensors, can be a really eye-catching feature. You can show a demo video or pictures of happy customers and testimonials; anything that gets people to pause and watch. It’s easier to engage a visitor who’s standing still than one who’s walking past. You can also use the screen for presentations, which gives visitors a reason to stop at your stand for longer.

Incorporating interactive design gives visitors a reason to spend longer on the stand, increasing dwell time, and making sure everyone remembers your business. Interactive exhibits that can be explored or walked around, help engage lots of different visitor senses which will make your brand stand out amongst a sea of competitors. Interactive features are also often very “instagrammable” which means your exhibition won’t just stand still. It can travel across social media and engage a much wider audience!




A new and exciting way to engage and interact with your stand visitors. Reward them with discount vouchers or other ‘treats’.

It’s a great way to interact with individuals in a physical space whilst amplifying that interaction across social media.

Importantly the individual gets a nice experience with your brand and a polaroid to take away as memento.

Above all Social Snap can be deployed as a standalone solution or part of an immersive installation or a longer term campaign.


A unique and effective social marketing app for interacting with visitors to your stand and collecting visitor data.

Rewards/discount vouchers are dispensed automatically via the vending machine. As a result the advantage is that it doesn’t have to be manned.

Twitter Vending Machines can be deployed as a standalone solution or part of an immersive installation or a longer term campaign.

Whether you want a fun gaming zone to draw in visitors, a technology suite for on stand networking and social media sharing or a simple visitor information point to provide or collect valuable data, we can turn your exhibition stand into a fully interactive and immersive environment.


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